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Sea Hawk
By Erich Korngold (1897-1957)

One of Errol Flynn's best films, The Sea Hawk (1940) features the swashbuckling actor as a British sea captain who is given permission by Queen Elizabeth I to commit acts of piracy against the Spanish armada and colonies in the New World.

Erich Wolfgang Korngold was, twice over and in two separate areas, one of the most renowned musical figures of the 20th century. Beginning at age seven, he was a celebrated performing prodigy, with a level of technical development and an understanding of music that awed such giants of the musical world as Gustav Mahler and Richard Strauss, who delighted in his prodigious talent. Greeted in such circles as a new Mozart, from his teens until his thirties Korngold was the author of a series of compositions -- orchestral works, operas (most notably Die Tote Stadt), and chamber works -- that wereuniquely popular and among the most critically acclaimed of their era.

From 1935 until long past his retirement from the field in 1946, he was also one of Hollywood's most celebrated film composers, responsible for the music to such films as "Captain Blood", "The Adventures of Robin Hood", "The Sea Hawk", "Anthony Adverse", "Kings Row", "Between Two Worlds", "The Sea Wolf", "Escape Me Never", and "The Constant Nymph".